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We exploit the latest scientific breakthroughs in

NeuroScience, Epigenetics, Nootropics and Phytochemicals

Using both natural and advanced scientific compounds, we aim to minimise increase mental performance:

1. Brain Health & Protect Brain Cells
2. Cognitive Function e.g. Learning
3. Speed of thinking  processing

4. Memory
5. Creativity
6. Mood & Motivation
- substantially.

There is relatively new branch of science called Nootropics

- the original definition: "Substances that are
Neuro Protective (protect brain cells)
Enhance Memory & Learning
Improved Cognition under stress
Facilitation of Cell to Cell communication
Absence of usual pharmacological effects of psychotropic drugs.

For example:

Phosphatidyl Serine & Choline (natural fats used to make up to 60% of brain cells)
Alpha GPC - precursors the body uses for the above
Creatine - works very well with the above
- especially helpful for the highly stressed & vegetarians 
Chinese, India & American Ginsengs
Rhodiola Rosea Extract
Lions Mane Mushroom
Huperzine A
Acetyl Tyrosine
Ginko Biloba & CoQ10
Bacopa Monnieri - slow long term use benefits

Vitamin B complexes

Naturally at the top of the list are NAD+ and its precursors.


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